Monday, August 29, 2011

Way to go Mike!

Before I get to my painting update, a quick offer of congratulations to Mike Jacobs from our part of the world.  Mike qualified for Nats earlier this year.  He was focused on MW at Adepticon and as an after thought, figured he would head down to Austin for LW.

Good thing he did!

Mike finished with Best General - Germans for the tourney!!  I am sure it was due to all the games that Joe and I did with Mike.  Well, maybe not MY games with Mike.

Way to go!!

I guess it says a lot about the level of play in Madison, WI.  I-95, you got NOTHING on us!  Richmond?!?!  Nahh!!

BTW - That was sarcasm.  I-95 guys are great and the Richmond "network" is pretty good too.  I guess we need a cool name for our group.  Ideas??

Now for the update:

I was able to get some painting done on Sunday evening.  My 17pdr Airlanding Heavy Antitank Platoon is basically completed.  I do still need to base the guys and guns (the guns have been completed for months).  So I got the Denison smock finished, a wash, the details (webbing, guns, boots, etc.).  But I must admit I only painted half of the chin straps.  As I was painting I could not help but think that no one would pull out the microscope and check them out.  So half have straps and half do not.  I will seal tonight and move on to the next batch.  I will bring them to Wednesday night gaming and get some feedback from the experts, but I think they are pretty good.

I am preparing my Plan-B for the October tourney.  Plan-A is Brit Paras.  Plan-B is US Armor, but with Stewies.  I will need to get a few Stewies painted up, but that will not be a problem at all.  I will also throw in one platoon of Shermans to address the bigger tanks I might face.

I am a big fan of the Stewies.  For Americans, I really can't think of a better unit to address the Soviet Horde.  5 MG dice per tank against Conscripts Trained.  Yes, I need 10 hits to pin, but rolling 25 dice per platoon certainly helps address those odds.

I will test both lists fo rthe next few weeks.  I am not that well versed in playing infantry - especially paras.  But I want to expand my skills and try a different play style.  We will see!

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