Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brit Paras

While I wait for my large EW order, I thought I would get going on some Brit paras that I picked up in Arnhem.  You see, I was thinking about how long ago it was that I was in the Netherlands and I nearly fell out of my chair.  Over 4 months have passed.  I should have been DONE with these things by now and they are basically base coated.  Geesh!

So I pulled the guys that came with the 17pdr air landing pack and started on those.  Due to the FSSF list I did in the winter, I realized it is easier to do full batches of 20 guys than paint 155 pants, then 155 tunics, etc.  So the 19 men are my first batch.

I also decided to deviate from the "official" guides and go off one I found on the forum.  It basically has you paint the denison smock green as a base.  Then you add on the light and dark brown color swatches.  We will see how this works out.  Right now, I have primed and base coated the guys with Brit Uniform.  I also painted the Reflective Green on the denison smock.  Up next is a wash, then more on the denison smock.  I am hoping to get the 19 guys done by this weekend.  If they look good, then I will start with the full company.  And when the company is done, I get the reward of having to do another one (Arnhem is one, Pegasus Bridge is the other).

Oh, plus a zillion EW Brit Armor models.  Wohoo!!

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