Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Ok.  I am using the blog as motivation to get my butt in gear.

When I decided to go into EW "whole hog", I realized I had to get moving on the painting front.  So if I update the blog with each incremental improvement on the painting front, I am tricking myself into feeling peer pressure to get it done.  So there will be "micro blog postings" that basically detail what was done.

I did make some progress last night.  I am really trying to keep the painting to about 60 minutes or less an evening.  The 19 paras is an almost perfect number to be able to make steady progress towards completion.  The problem last night was that I needed to apply a wash.  2 minutes later I was done.  I have to let the wash dry out, so no more painting.  But I did get about 8 or 9 helmets painted with their base coat.

But then I remembered I had 6 American crew for my last two Priests.  They had already been primed grey, so I got the pants and tunics painted with a base coat.  I actually did these before the helmets on the paras.

Total paint time: 19 minutes.

Had to stop to go pick up my son from a movie.  He turns 16 in December.  Bad news - insurance.  Good news - he can drive himself.

Nothing will be done tonight as it is our regular Wedensday game at The Last Square!


  1. I sometimes use a hair-dryer if i need stuff dried more quickly

  2. Good luck on motivating yourself. Only played a few games of Early War recently but it is awesome!!