Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm in!!

Well, I did it.  Placed the order with my FLGS (The Last Square) for a bunch of stuff:

15 Mk VI B Light Tanks
16 A10 Tanks
13 Honey Stuarts
2 US LW Stuart Platoon Boxes (10 tanks)
1 Cromwell Platoon Box (5 tanks)
2 8th Army Rifle Platoons

And now I need to learn how to paint the Caunter Camo scheme.  If anyone has a tutorial, pass it along.  I am planning on airbrusing the colors (light to dark) and also applying panel shading at each step (light blue, then lighter blue panel shading; repeat for darker tones).  I just need to get the shading similar across the different colors where the panels share two colors.  I saw a great tutorial on how to do it with a 2 color scheme camo pattern, so hopefully it will work here too.  But I won't get the order until next week and life is in the way right now of getting quality painting done.

Such is life.

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