Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here we go!

It is time to make the official plunge into EW.  And the result will be to totally change my painting table order of business.  So I will either get a ton of stuff painted or I will become another one of "those guys" with a ton of unpainted lead.  I am not giving odds.

I am about to place an order for a bunch of EW British armor.  Can't help it.  But for some strange reason, I just can't make myself by the BAR box for Blitzkrieg.  It makes me feel a little "dirty" to even consider it.  For those of you who do not know, go check out the forum at FoW on anything related to BAR.

But I picked up Hellfire and Back yesterday and I am getting hooked.

So this is what I am thinking:

1) Field the BAR from HaB.  It is a little different, but the cool color scheme for the EW Brit Desert is very neat.  Not sure I can get it painted, but what the heck.

2) Field the Honey Stuart list.  Ok, I am a Stewie fan.  I mean how can you not be when they name a tank after the cartoon character!!  ;-)

3) Finish my LW Cromwell list.  I am liking the PDF of the 11th Armor from Market Garden.  In a pinch, I can just run the Croms from Hell's Highway.

4) Field the LW American Light Tank Company.  Stewies again!!

That will still leave me with needing to finish 2 full Brit Para / Airlanding companies, para arty, para recon jeeps, para AT guns, US ARP #2, 15 half tracks, urban bases (King & Kerr as well as BF plastic bases), Arnhem Bridge, Arnhem Brit HQ, 3 other buildings, dust clouds (HaB) plus one more Croc, 2 more Shermans, 2 more Stewies (in addition to the ones above), 2 more Croms and 3 Dingos.

Are you $%#@ me!!!!

I have decided that the quality of my paras and infantry will suffer, but the armor will still get the same treatment.  I just cannot get this list of stuff painted any time soon unless I come up with another way.  And I am not sending it out to do.  In reality, I do like painting.  So the infantry and guns will suffer a bit.

Wish me luck!!

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