Monday, April 1, 2013

April Update - no foolin'!!

One of the benefits of working in an accounting firm is that no one and I mean zippo folks do anything for April Fool's.  We are just too busy to mess around.  Which is good for me because I am pretty darn gullible!

I am still trying to get my painting queue under control.  Unfortunately, my spending is still happening (ooooohhhh, shiny new toys!!) and that just makes the queue worse.  I am also trying to get several new armies on the table and that makes for slow going too.  So here is a status:

US 2nd Infantry Division

I have my Winter Rifle Company all painted up and put onto a base.  I will be basing them in snow.  I have chosen to delay the basing, so the stands are all tucked away safely in a box.  I also have Towed TDs that will see the same basing effect.  And I have two platoons of Chaffees that I will do a white wash on.  Those are all on hold right now and not considered to be "on the table."


This one is more of a long term plan.  But I have the foot sloggers to be able to pull this off.  I will not buy any arty until I get the infantry finished.  Or so he says...

British Commandos

If you have seen earlier posts, I have the LVTs base painted, highlighted and washed.  But I stopped here and pulled them from the table.  I also have three platoons of Commandos still in the blisters.  This will probably end up coming before the Strelk and maybe the 2 ID.  It really depends on whether or not I buy 12 Sherman Crabs.

Canadian Rifles

These are on the table right now.  Well, the support units are!  The infantry themselves are still in a box...

I have on the table a section of 25pdrs, 6pdrs, 12 Roos, 9 Universal Carriers and Shermans.

Off to the left are all the Roos.  In the background are the 25pdrs, the 6pdrs and the Carriers.  The infantry are the crews for the 25pdrs, 6 pdrs and the Roos.

My Carriers are ready for decals and fixing up the bases.  These have the molded bases on the vehicles, so I have to paint them and put some grasses on them as well.  But the driver is painted and in place!

The 25pdrs and the 6pdrs are finished.  I am now working on the bases for the 25pdrs.  These are the molded bases that come in the new box.  The 6pdrs are also finished.  The crews for both are completed, but I need to paint the bottom on the model to reflect the color of the bases.

The Roos...

Crew is in place on this one.  I am not sure what to paint the "interior" of the Roo, so I only did this one.  I am waiting for the last minute to put the .50cal on the Roo.  I will also do another round of dry brushing the highlights.  The details don't yet "pop" as much as I would like.  Then it will be on to the decals and prepping the bases.  All the crews are finished.

Then it will be on to the infantry...