Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh $%#@!

Ok.  So Joe (Keamma) is going to be putting on a tourney at our FLGS.  I believe the date is in early October (October 8th).  Midwar - 1,500 points.  But being the great guy that he is, he is limiting it to the current books covering Midwar.  And, of course, I only own the old Afrika book.  Ooops.  So I have to grab a used copy of North Africa.  Fine.  Got it yesterday.  Wow.  Great book.

But that is not the reason for the post.

We just finished up a Latewar "fest" to help Mike get ready for Nats in Texas.  I am tired of LW.  Perfect - we can now focus on MW to get ready for October.

So I am looking through the book and loving the units.  I have fielded a MW US Armor Company twice in a tourney and was even able to eeke out a 3rd place in one.  So I am thinking I will just do the same thing again.

And then I went and looked at Brits.  Sidebar - seriously, the Brits are like HALF THE BOOK!!  Really?!?!  Anyway, I am looking at the Honey Stuarts.  I can use the models that I will be getting for EW in MW.  Sounds good.

And then I saw paras.  Fell in love right away.  I was up 'till midnight looking this over.  I am not saying I will go this route, but it does look really good.  Just like the Ferrari in Ferris Beuller.

Which means I have a $%#@ load of paras to get painted by October 8th!!


  1. I may have to get that book. I thought the old one was awesome, and I don't even play africa.

  2. I was really shocked. It is a fabulous book!

  3. I just bought the new North Africa book. great book, but not near as good as the old Africa book.

    It just had way more, decal and camo scheme stuff.

    Could be that the new book is so big they just couldn't fit anymore. which makes it great. Probably the best pure FOW book for the cost.