Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ongoing saga

So I have a post on the modeling forum talking about some different ways to get the paras painted.  I am thinking about just substituting the Flat Brown for English Uniform.  This was the base can be the brown, then come over with the Green Ochre and Reflective Green.

I decided to wait on any real painting last night and focused on helmets and berets.  It is out of order, but I don't think it really matters all that much.

But that got me thinking about the math involved.  Even at 45 seconds a helment, I am looking at 1:45 to get all helmets and berets.  I am guessing if each guy took total paint time of 5 minutes, I would need to spend almost 11 hours of actual painting.  This would not include wait time, dry time, setup and cleaning time and I get to repeat for the Airlanding Company.

While I am still a proponent of batches, I think the time crunch will force me to just plow through the company.

I am not even going to start to think about basing!!

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