Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long overdue!

Almost a full month since my last post?!?!?!  WHHOOOAAATT???

So the weather has been warm, work needs to be done, kids need to be fed, dog needs some attention, blah, blah, blah.

I forget that painting is seriously curtailed in the summer.

What I have also been doing is dealing with this discussion called "the BAR."  Like many of you, I have grown to get a headache on the topic.  I believe there is something seriously wrong with the list.  And I am not about to get into an argument about the list.  As I have said on the forums, my belief does not require you to believe.

So, Joe and I have played several EW games.  I like the period, but winning 6-1 gets old - especially winning with the BAR.

I have gotten in a number of games, all with a wide range of results.  Last night was fun, in a "what are the odds" kind of way.  I played off the brand new official pdf listing for British 11th armor.  I brought Croms and Challengers.  Joe brought FT Fallschirmjager.  I didn't deploy as best as I could have and in the end it cost me.  But I was tactically sound (I think).  Anyway, let's just say the dice were not in my favor.  How so you ask?  Example 1: Range in (smoke) on concealed, trained infantry, with a re-roll of the first range in attempt.  4 dice total.  Just one needs to be above 4.  The odds of success are 94%.  No fours show up, target is not smoked (Pak40 guns) and the results were ugly.  Three turns later, same roll, and yes, same result.  Odds of both results happening?  0.39%  Yes, four times in a thousand.  And it really didn't stop there.  I just seemed to roll a lot of 1,2 and 3s.  12 dice at a 4 to hit?  1 hit.  That happened too.

Moral of the story?  I think the Battlefront dice are possessed.  Man, I need to get back to painting!!

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  1. The 11th armoured seems pretty excellent. I think the perfect trade, as far as points are concerned, is The Desert Rats in LW. In turning tide but came out of Villars Bocage. Reluctant Veteran Cromwells. It can really go either way. It certainly makes for an interesting game. If you haven't tried it, I highly suggest it, for a friendly game. By the way, great blog. I saw a response from you on the Battlefront Forum, that Steve forwarded me. I appreciate the support over my "dice rant". In any case, keep up the excellent work. I am certainly a fan of your blog and your gaming.