Thursday, August 25, 2011


Nice progress tonight. My paras got faces, finished helmets,hands, webbing, highlights and another wash. Next step will be the camo on the Denison smock. I also made progress on the American crew for the Priests.

I am hoping to get them finished tomorrow night. I will not be able to work on them over the weekend, so the pressure is on.

Now the depressing part - if I finish 20 a week, it will take me about 8 weeks to get my company painted. Then I need to base! October 8th is the tourney, which is shorter than 8 weeks. This could get tricky. So I will have to increase the batch sizes to 40. Wow.

I will probably have to reduce the steps a bit too. I am thinking right now that one less wash is the way to go.

I choose to go with armor, I am not worried because I can churn out good looking tanks very quickly. So my list may be more about the stuff I can put on the table than about what would make a good list.

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