Monday, March 14, 2011


I was able to get an hour of wash application done last night on my M18 tank destroyers.  This is the first time I used the Dark Wash from MIG.  I have used the Light Wash on infantry with pleasing results.

I was not disappointed in the Dark Wash.

I am sure this is just me or my perception, but the MIG washes seem to work much better on the detail application (i.e. pin wash) than my magic wash formula.  The wash just flows along the lines perfectly.  The effect is not as stark as using technical pens to blackline.  But it gives a nice "pop" to the details of the model.  I was able to get one coat of wash on 3 Hellcats and one Priest.  I will see today how they look after 24 hours.

I have decided that the next model onto the table will be the British Armored Platoon.  While I am ready for the infantry, there is a reason:

Turns out I received an email / posting about a store in Arnhem that sells FoW and hosts games.  I think a game is not in the cards for me, since I love my wife and I would like to enjoy her company for years to come.  But a stop by will happen.  I would very much like to pick up some British Airborne troops (airlanding) at the store.  While no one else will know, I just think having those units from a store in Arnhem has a certain "karma" to it.  So if I get duplicates, I want to be sure to have the Arnhem team be the "permanent" models.  Make sense?

So I will start the vehicles before the infantry.  Plus with Adepticon coming up, I am not sure how much painting will even get finished!!

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