Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just My Luck

I guess timing is everything, so it should come as no surprise that I discover Maelstrom Games right when Battlefront ends their relationship.

You see, there have been some supply issues at The Last Square - specifically on the MIG Dark Wash.  So that had me looking for other stores - with the approval of Bev and Karl (owners and wonderful people).  It did feel weird.  Anyway, I ordered the washes direct from MIG USA, so I am still in a holding pattern at the wash step while I await delivery.

But in checking out the blog ring, I saw the story on Maelstrom.  When I discovered free shipping anywhere in the work AND 25% Flames of War, well in I went.  Plus it seems that the exchange rate causes the models to be a little cheaper than the American Dollar price, so that even added to the discount.

So guess what showed up in the mail yesterday?!?!  My order from Maelstrom.  Unfortunately, I was a good boy and did not go crazy on the order.  I think I should have just gone out to the website, found the Flames of War American page and simply stated "Yes Please!!!".  But I just ordered 2 M10s to finish off the Tank Destroyer Artillery option in Dogs and Devils, 1 M18 Hellcat to finish off the two sections and I grabbed two colors from Coat d'Arms - Olive Drab and Faded Olive.

After bringing the package into the house, I changed into comfortable clothes, kissed my wife and headed into the painting area.  I resurfaced for dinner, hung out for about 11 minutes, then went back.  The net result is this:
  • M1 90mm Anti-Air Arty is based and awaiting flocking.  In a pinch, I could put it on the table today.
  • M18 Hellcats - Three are basically finished - simply awaiting wash and "detail" decals.  Stars are on the models, but not the numbers and other decals that I place on the model.  The newest model is ready for decals, details and washes.  Like above, I could put them on the table if I had too.
  • M10 - The two new models are also ready for decals, details and washes.
  • DUKW - poor guy.  He is just sitting there in his base coat wondering why everyone else is getting the attention.
So that is where we stand today.  I think I might get some details painted, but that will be it.  I spent my time yesterday, so today will be all the other things that I neglected.

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