Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Ready for Adepticon

Well, not much done on the painting front.  I have been out of town and not able to get any painting done.  My airbrush is a little broken right now, so I have a replacement on the way.  I am tempted with upgrading my airbrush, but that will have to wait for a bit.  For the record, I have a Badger Crescendo 175.  It is good for the basics and I can get a fairly small line.  I would love to get an Iwata HP-BH, which looks like an amazing airbrush.  My biggest problem is that I cannot get a narrow enough line to do "pre-shading" on my armor panels at 15mm.  I can do the highlighting on the panels themselves, but not the panel lines.  The Iwata looks like (and sounds like from the forums) that it can do that very well.  But it is very, very pricy - so I will wait.

So my British armor and Typhoons sit awaiting a basecoat.

But I did get my army list ready for Adepticon.  It is a midwar tournament, 900 points.  With the 900 point limit, I only need one combat platoon.  I struggled with my list and asked several people for some input.  I wanted to go traditional American Armor, but at 900 points you really run into a problem with the actual number of platoons.  I then thought about a tank company with Stuarts leading the way, but the same problem existed.  So I went with what I think will be a popular build - American Armored Rifles.

900 points gets you:

CiC and 2iC comamnd carbine teams, with a M3 HT + .50 cal and a jeep

Armored Rifles: 5 squads, command rifle, bazooka, 2 LMG, 60mm mortar, with 2 M3 HT + .50 cal and 3 M3 HT with AAMG

Armored Mortars: Comamnd carbine, M2 HT and 3 81mm mortars on M3 HT with .50 cal

Tank Platoon: 3 Shermans + Reb Jackson

Tank Platoon: 4 Stuarts

4 Platoons.  I like the list as it gives me a little of everything.  I don't like the fact that it seems like I am trying to do too much.  But 900 is not 1,250.  I would feel a little more comfortable running straight armor if I could have squeezed in more platoons.

So if you are going to Adepticon in Chicago, you now know the details of one list!

I will be testing it against Joe tomorrow night.  It is too late to change now, but I would like to see how it plays.  We will see!

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