Sunday, March 20, 2011

The British Are Coming!

I finished off the Hellcats, M10s and the single M7 Priest.  Technically, the M10s and the Priest still need their crew, but hey - close enough!

On a unrelated note, my son came in 2nd in his warmup for Adepticon tournament.  He and his partner were the youngest team and pulled off a great showing!  Way to go!

Ok, back to FoW:

My wife and I picked out a digital camera to take on our upcoming trip to Arnhem, err The Netherlands.  I am excited about the camera because of the macro function.  I took several pictures with my SLR today and they look poor.  We will pick up the camera tomorrow, so in a few days I should know how well the pictures look.

SLR - Could be better

But now I have started the British Airlanding Company!  Well, I am starting with the Armored Platoon and the Typhoons first.

I have been chatting via email with a great guy in Arnhem.  There is a LGS that sells FoW that he highly recommends.  So I have decided to do TWO British Para Companies - the first is the Airlanding group that I will model after the forces at Pegasus Bridge.  The second will be a Parachute Company that I will model after the forces in Arnhem.  As I mentioned earlier, I really want to get the troops in Arnhem.  So now I will have two distinct basing themes!  And this from a guy who really does not like to paint infantry!  I am thinking that the support platoons can be shared, so no need to duplicate that work!

And that should last me for the next 6 months.


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  1. I look forward to seeing and hearing about your trip to Arnhem.