Friday, March 11, 2011


So while the mesage boards over at are completely lit up right now on rules, I thought I would try to get a little bit of work done on my vehicles.  The MIG wash that arrived Monday has been calling to me.

But no.

Since this is a "no politics" zone, let me simply say that my city is the center of attention right now.  Yes, I live in Madison, WI.  No, I am not storming the Capitol.  Yes, there are issues in the state that are serious.  No, I am not moving.  Yes, I play with toy soldiers.  No, I am not good.

So last night was going to be my painting night.  Well, that didn't happen.  Talk of current events with my son took precedent.  He is a smart kid and trying to "figure his own way."  I am hoping to get a little in tonight, as my daughter has a State Volleyball Tournament in Milwaukee this weekend.  It is a little hard to detail paint, wash and weather armor while cheering at a game.

I also received a few more suggestions for the visit to Arnhem.  And Joe (keamma on the boards) was kind enough to let me use his "Hell's Highway" book for reference.  Plus I think the allied forces in that book are really, really strong.  Which means -

The British Airlanding company is really calling my name from the shelf!  And I think I have recovered from painting my Devil's Brigade, so let's go infantry!!

Open question to Soviet players: 15 stands in a platoon???  Wow.

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