Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making Progress!

Since my son is gearing up for Adepticon (he is in the 40k Team Tournament), I have some company to paint with!  I always seem to paint more and better when he is at the table.  Seriously - I enjoy the bonding time!  Plus we can talk about a wide variety of topics.

I am finished with the "base" work on the Hellcats.  It has been a while since I painted an AFV and I must admit I like painting vehicles a lot more than infantry.  I remember a posting at, were someone started a topic with "I hate painting infantry!" - Right there with you man!

Back to the Hellcats -

I primed, basecoated and applied the lighter "highlight color" in the raised areas, followed by another basecoat (very thin).  I like how they have turned out.  Now I am finishing up the detail work on the tanks and I will glosscoat prior to decals and washes.  I am really simply delaying the wash step because I am waiting for delivery on the MIG Dark Wash.  I love the Brown wash and use it on infantry.  Now I want to test the dark.  While I get ok results from my "magic wash" concoction, I really want to test the MIG.

My DUKW is primed and basecoated.  I am trying something new for the DUKW, as I will use it as an objective marker.

My 90mm guns (2) are primed, based and highlighted.  The infantry have been primed, based and fully painted.  They are awaiting the boots getting a paint job, followed by a wash and basing.

So I should get these off the table soon. (Very famous last words)

I also signed up for the 900 point Mid War Intro Tournament at Adepticon.  I have some friends that are playing and I will be there anyway with my son.  Should be fun.  So now I am trying to figure a 900 point army list for Americans.  I am going armor again (duh!), but 900 is tough.  So we will see how my list turns out.  I hope to test my list with Mike tonight, who in turn is testing his MW Nationals army list.

I also purchased some items from Maelstrom Games in the UK.  Saw the "drama" going on there with them and Battlefront.  To be honest, I cannot believe free shipping anywhere in the world.  Crazy.  So I placed a small order (had to be more than 10 pounds).  I am going to test the Coat d'Arms paints.  I got their Olive Drab and Faded Olive for a highlight.  We will see!  Also picked up 1 more Hellcat and 2 M10s to round out my Tank Destroyers (25% off).  Now I can field both the M10 and the M18, as well as use 6 M10s on the Dogs and Devils list as artillery.  But then I listened to Battlefront's podcast on Task Force A.  A fast moving, armored column?!?!?!  Sounds like me!!!

I also have a small order with The Last Square.  Love them!!  We are really lucky to have a great store in the area.  That is where the MIG wash is coming from, as well as some large bases and Das Book (if we can get it).  Nice in that it is not too much $!

Finally, thank you to everyone that has posted about my upcoming trip to the Netherlands.  Keep the suggestions coming!!

Good luck!!

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