Monday, March 7, 2011

Big fan of MIG

I must say this:  I am now an even bigger fan of MIG.

I have been a fan of the washes for a bit of time.  But now I am an even bigger fan of the US site.  On Friday evening, I placed my order for Dark Wash and Light Rust Effect.  The time was around 9:30pm CST.  I received an email confirmation of the shipment on Saturday - it went priority mail with the USPS.

I received my order today at 2:30pm.  Monday.

To recap:

Ordered on Friday night.  Waiting for me Monday.  That is Portland, Oregon to Madison, WI.  Wow.

I have shown considerable restraint in that I did not pull the "kiss the wonderful wife and head to paint" when I got home.  I will have to save that for Thursday at the earliest - I curl Tuesdays and FoW on Wednesdays.  But I am very excited to get my M18s, additional M10s and M7 Priest completed.

I did get the M1 90mm guns based.  So those are off the table, ready for play!

Now that means my billion British Airlanding Platoons are inching closer.  I still have not recovered from the billion Devil's Bridage men.  Maybe I will have to start with the British Armored Platoon (available in D-1, but not in Turning Tide!!  What gives?!?!?!), my Horsa glider and Typhoons.  We will see.

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