Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fruitful Weekend

Between clearing the driveway, chasing Elvis (my Bernese Mountain Dog) and family time, I was able to get some quality painting work done this weekend. I am basically finished with my 105mm American Field Artillery and my Fire Direction Center. I also tried a "do it yourself" foam insert and came to the conclusion that $10 from Battlefoam is a STEAL! The foam works, but the time to cut each section is crazy. Now it will work for my son's 40k vehicles, but 15mm is just too many cuts.

I am also trying my hand at the explosion markers that have become all the rage. I am in the middle of those, but when I am finished I will post some pictures.

Speaking of which, I need to pickup some kind of photo booth thing. I saw something at think I have seen the same thing on other sites and catalogs, so that might be the way to go. Otherwise we are stuck with my painting table!

Next on the table will be the M1 American Heavy Antiaircraft Artillery. That should be interesting!

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