Friday, February 11, 2011

Flames of Math Part 2:

So as I beat my brain in coming up with all sorts of numbers (and also that phone app!), here is my biggest challenge:

Trained vs. Veteran

I consider this question to be the "Holy Grail" in FoW as an American player.  Think Cobra, then ask yourself do you want the 2nd Armored or the 3rd Armored?

I am still working on the calculations on this.

[EDITORIAL NOTE:  I am NOT this nerdy.  Really.  I promise.]

The competing interest here has to do with the point differences in the two forces and the fact that you are now 16.5% more likely to get hit by those pesky Germans.  I am referring to the fact that the "to hit" on trained is 3+ and veteran is 4+.  You then weigh that against the "but I can get more attack dice by having more units" argument.

In a tournament several months ago, I went CT instead of CV.  The results were mixed.  What I really noticed is that my AOP had a tougher time ranging in artillery.  In fact, I would argue that the biggest difference in trained v. veteran comes in on artillery.

But our "guts" can be wrong.  Just see the math on the one chance at a 5+ versus two chances at a 6.  My gut says if you are running Cobra and you are using armored which will force you to almost always attack, go for the attack dice.  But I could be wrong.  So I am still trying to get the calculations correct.

Of course, any and all feedback is welcome here!

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