Thursday, February 24, 2011

Etiquette Question

I was stealing, err reading a post on "The Dads" about etiquette and how you play a friendly game.  This really got me thinking because of a few situations that happened during the most recent tournament.

Question #1:

How do you treat a rules mistake after the game is completely over?

Situation - In my first game, I moved my Stewies At The Double to get them within 4" of an objective in the 2nd Turn.  When my 3rd Turn started, I "held" the objective and ended the game.  After posting my AAR on the flames of war site, someone pointed out that this is not legal.  The rules state that a platoon that moved At The Double cannot contest an objective the next turn.  I totally forgot / did not know and neither did my opponent.  So what do you do?  Since the game is over, is that it?  I will state that I believe I would have still won the game, but you never know how the fickle dice will roll.

Question #2:

Do you remind an opponent of a rule, even when it is absolutely NOT in your favor to do so?

Situation - In my second game, I had closed in on the objective and wiped out my opponent's KVs.  The only thing he had left was infantry that he had to use in an assault.  I have 3 Shermans and 4 Stewies crowded in the area.  There was area terrain (woods) that his infantry were hiding out in.  As I was positioning my Stewies, my opponent (Dave) reminded me that if I have a vehicle within 4" of the woods, he would be able to assault and I would not get defensive fire.  While I knew that (kind of - wink, wink), it jostled my memory and I made sure I was just beyond 4".  Now, he absolutely did NOT need to do that and it was completely NOT in his favor.  Would you have done this?  That is why I think he was the best sport in the tournament.  Now, I still think he loses the game, but maybe not as bad, had he assaulted and I did not have Defensive Fire.

Situation - In my third game, I was channeling the spirit of "stupid placements of platoon leaders" and left my Stewie's platton leader out on the end.  Bye bye.  Now one of the problems fielding Americans is that when the platoon leader goes, they can't move.  But there is a rule where the CiC or the 2iC can move within command distance and appoint another leader.  I admit that I DID NOT KNOW this rule.  I also admit that knowing the rules is my responsibility.  Got it.  But my opponent knew (or thought it might be) and did not say anything.  He only mentioned it after the game and even then, he said the he was not too sure.  That is the benefit of playing Germans!  If you were my opponent and you knew the rule, what would you have done?

I have decided that if I know a rule and even if it is not to my benefit, I will remind my opponent.  And I will do so before it is too late for them to do anything.  That is a little different than the answer I posted on "The Dads" site.  But as I reflect, I think that the spirit of the game - even in competition - should weigh more.


  1. As to question two, in a friendly game, definitely remind your opponent if he obviously forgot a rule. You aren't going to get any better if you win just because your opponent forgot a rule - you get better when your opponent is playing at their best.

    At a tournament, I think it's ok to not remind them, although it certainly is sportsmanlike to remind them - in the end, knowing the rules is their responsibility. However, encouraging knowledgable players is good for the community as a whole.

    As to the first question, when the game ends it ends. If it's a really easy fix and the game has just ended (for example, someone won because they and their opponent forgot to check for company morale), you can do that in the interest of fairness and playing the game right - but as long as no one noticed the mistake ingame, there really isn't much you can do.

  2. Playing causal or friendly games I will remind my opponent if he forgets or misses something fairly vital. However when playing in a tournament I tend to assume my opponent knows the rules and I rarely point out mistakes though if my opponent got Time on Target with his arty on me yet he forgot the rule I would likely just automatically re roll the saves and point out he got ToT.