Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Explosion Markers - not so fast!

Wow - what a bad evening of making explosion markers.  Here is the story:

Heading home from curling (yes, I curl), I stopped at my LGS (The Last Square in Madison, WI - GREAT STORE!!!) to pickup some VMA Black.  I grabbed that, some glue and two bags of green clump foliage.  In speaking with the owner Karl, I mentioned that I was really looking for autumn clump foliage.  He was able to reach into his bag of tricks as supplied me with the needed materials.  THANKS KARL!!

So all excited, I headed home to make explosion markers.  And that basically ends the highlight of the evening.

Everyting went wrong.  I could not get the clump foliage to glue onto the pipe cleaner.  I ended up with a blob of clump foliage and glue everywhere.  I think in retrospect I simply did not take my time.  I was rushed, so the results were, well...  suboptimal.

I did manage a few to kind of look like explosion markers.  The real trick will be tonight.  I am playing a warmup game for this weekend's FoW Tournament (also at The Last Square) and when I get home, I hope to see how well the materials held together.

I know hope is not a stratgey, but I tend to use it in all things FoW related.  Example:  I hope that Sherman 75mm can take out that Panther!

As they say, "results vary".

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