Sunday, February 20, 2011

As promised - Explosion Markers

Here are a few pictures that show the finished work.

Remembering that this is my first attempt at them, I can see a few "areas for improvement":

1) Don't spread the hot glue everywhere.  You can see in a few pictures that they glue is visible as globs and strands.  Painting won't hide it, so cleanup is necessary prior to painting - like putting more foliage over the exposed area.

2) Use another coat of grey.  I went black twice, then grey twice.  I am thinking another grey and maybe even a lighter grey on that third coat.

But I really do like the effect and look of the marker.  In one of my games, there was a conversation about concealment through a destroyed tank.  I had to remind my opponent about the 2" rule (sorry, don't know the cm measurement).  The marker helped illustrate that.

So without further ado, here are the pictures:

You can see the glob of glue and a strand.  The strands should be easy enough to cut out.  From an artistic view, I think a heavier airbrush at the top and lighter on the bottom would be a better look to the explosion.  In other words, show more color of the foliage at the bottom and not the top.

While the focus is a little off, I like this marker very much.  The trick is to make the marker look a little asymetical.  Of course, the marker completely overtakes my little Stewie.  But again, it does help to illustrate the 2" rule on the detroyed tank.

Final thoughts:

Ok, so they don't look like Shawn's (The Terrain Guy), but then what mere mortal's work does?!?  I have to admit I really like the look and effect.  I did see another player that had an LED flashing under his marker.  That made me think...  nahhh.  Or did it?!?!  :-)

Simple to make, but remember the hot glue!  White glue, terrain glue and even super glue will work, but I found the hot glue to be much, much easier to handle.

Good luck!