Sunday, September 11, 2011

List Creation

Not much painting happening due to family visiting. Plus the weather is perfect right now. But what I have been doing is focusing on list creation. I am still working on my upcoming MidWar list. I am pretty set with my two options. But I did start to work on a LateWar list and that is where the fun is happening. I have a list for Medium Armor (US 3rd), Light Armor (US 3rd), Brit Rifles (50th / T&T), Devil's Brigade and Brit Paras. And I just created a list for American Rifles with all templates. This one is just for fun and not for anything else. I just want to try having 5 or 6 platoons that have templates. Of course Easy Army makes this a lot easier to do that the old paper and calculator. And I am really waiting for Easy Army to get the US and Brit lists up for North Africa!!

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