Sunday, September 25, 2011


I have completed my Brit Para Company!  Wohoo!!

They are painted and based.  I do need to dullcoat the stands and I will probably have to use some pigment / powders on the bases.  For one platoon, I used the King & Kerr Urban Bases.  On the other two, I used the Battlefront Rubble Bases.

I do like the bases.  My only problem is filling the cracks.  I am not talented enough to mold green stuff in there, so I used model railroad ballast to simulate rubble.  It looks ok, but I will need to do something to improve them.  Unfortunately, it really does cover up the work I did on the bases themselves.

When I put the whole company together, I admit I had the thougth of "that's all!??!?!  All that work and that is it!!!"  Each platoon is 7 stands, plus CiC and 2iC and three PIATS.  26 stands.  Lot's of work for 26 stands.

I did start the early work on the para HMGs.  I also bought (on sale) 6 pdr AT guns.  I am going to "steal" the crew from my 17 pdr and use those instead of painting more.  I need to 6 pdr for the tournament and I can always paint the other crew and use on the 17 pdrs.

So that means I will only have to borrow Joe's 25 pdr arty for the tournament.

I will try to get some pictures taken and loaded up.  But right now I owe my lovely wife whatever she wants because she really let me paint and base this weekend to get them done.  Love you honey!!  (she never reads this, but I will thank her anyway!!)

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