Monday, September 19, 2011

Brit Paras - coming along, but a bit slowly

Due to weather, I was able to get some good painting done this weekend.  Too bad a quick trip (2.5 hours) to the vet emergency room was needed and caused a bit of a diruption.

But here is where I now stand:

My Brit Para Company is coming along.  I did pull out the light mortar stands (2) and the flame thrower stand (1) as both of those are not needed for the MW tourney.  I have 30 ready for camo, but also in need of boots being painted.  I have the rest of the box in a similar position.  They just need boots, weapons (except PIATs - those are painted) and camo.  I am hoping to be ready to base the guys this upcoming weekend.

My bases will be a combination of King & Kerr and the FoW urban rubble bases.  I have decided to model 4 units on a base.  Technically, NA book has 4 and 5 making a squad, but aBtF has them with two stands of 4.  I will go with the aBtF list, since that is really what the guys are suppossed to be.  Of course, it cuts down on the painting, so it is a win-win!

I will still get the Stewies based and painted as well.  I may actually run that list again this Wednesday to see how it plays.  I really like the para list and in a Defensive Battle, it will be a seriously strong list.  TA 3 is a blessing in MW, plus the PIATs make for another strong anti-armor defensive option.  But Mobile Battle could be a prolem.  The tourney will either have 2 DB or 2 MB, which will be decided at the time of the round.

Now that some ideas for the LW tourney are being released by Joe, I am thinking about the next list too.  LW - 1,750 and a quick LW 1,150 tourney are being done the first weekend in November.  The quickie are all Domination based rounds (3), with two being Blind Domination.  Due to the 2 being BD, I am thinking about a recon list.  But we shall see.

I know I need to get some pictures put up here and hopefully I will get that done shortly.

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