Thursday, September 22, 2011

Be Kind - Pictures!!

Ok.  I have all my paras ready for the final camo.  I ran about 9 through the camo phase to see how they turned out.  I took some pictures.  Some are fuzzy, but hopefully you can see how they look.  Comments welcome as I have another 110+ ready to repeat the same step.

I need to go back and paint the wood part of the gun.

Another pose.

Other side.

So I hope this gives a little flavor to the guys.  I also hate the look of the super zoomed in dudes.  Of course, unless you are CdC!!

So let me know if they are good, passable or nasty!


  1. I think those are far better than passable!

  2. Looking good. The camo can be difficult but youve done a great job.