Thursday, September 22, 2011

Decision Time!

Ok.  Played last night and I went with the "Plan B" list.  While I like the list and I like the way it plays, I am going full bore on "Plan A."  Brit Paras - MW.

I have found that the Brit Para list lets me play infantry, but also be aggressive.  I am concerned with the relatively small size of the platoons (I am used to American Armored Rifles), but FV allows you to absorb a large number of shots without taking a ton of damage.  I had a discussion with Rob (new player), who loves his American Paras.  The issue with American Paras in MW is Tank Assault of 2.  They don't get 3 until LW.  Brit Paras however get Gammon Bombs, so TA 3 in MW!

I am fairly certain that at least one player will bring cavalry.  This could be trouble for my guys - especially getting "run down" if they fail assaults.  I hope two gun sections of 25pdrs (8 guns) plus all the special rules for Brit Arty will make Trigger and Flicka take an early trip to the glue factory!!

I am not worried about armor lists, as my playtest last week went really well and against a good opponent.

So now I need to get my units painting one way or another!!

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