Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Preparing for Paintfest!

The last several weeks have been fairly brutal from a travel perspective.  Work just keeps getting in the way of quality gaming and painting!

I was able to get a game in last week, which is detailed in an earlier post.  But this week is a no-go due to travel (again).  However, the weekend is a different story with respect to painting.

My wife and daughter are headed on a 7+ hour (each way) road trip to a volleyball tournament.  Unfortunately, I will still be out of town when the team is heading out.  Darn.  That means my son and I will be here over the weekend.  By ourselves.  With none of the wonderful women in my life at home.  Hmmmm.  Makes me think we will have Paintfest!! (Just say it in your "Monster Truck Annoucer Man Voice!!)

Paintfest, Paintfest, Paintfest!!!

Here is what is actually on the table, ready for painting:

109 British Paratroopers from Arnhem.  They are all attached to plastic bottle tops (think soda - I use golf tees for golf!) and ready for the primer coat and a base coat.

2 full platoons of British Armoured Recce (Cromwells and Challengers)

1 Cromwell for the Company Command Team

1 Sherman Firefly (leftover)

2 M7 Priests

2 M7 Priest Crew Sets

4 17pdr British Anti-Tank Crew Sets

3 Typhoons (already primed)

1 Horsa Glider (already primed)

6 M3 Halftracks

3 M2 Halftracks

1 Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tank.  Ok, I thought I would try something new and my son donated a Leman Russ to the cause.  I will paint it like a modern Abrams with desert colors.  Should be interesting.

Maybe, maybe my son's new Grey Knights 40k guys.  He has something like 4 platoons and some "Dreadknight" thing.  The models look really good, but I am not sure if he will let me paint them.  He is a great painter and may just want me to prime and base.  I understand.

I also have some other units ready for decals and weathering, but this upcoming weekend will be all about the painting.

Wish us luck!!

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