Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long(ish) Post and Plea for Comments!

This is going to be a bit of a long post.  I have done a poor job on the updates, so here they go:

Plea.  For comments.  I am beginning to take this personally.  ;-)   I am looking for some input on the "dream list", so please give any and all feedback.  It will help my self esteem.

Shout out to my friend KAGE.  He has been called out on the WWPD podcast for the decal tutorial.  But as good as that is, I think his discussions on rules and other "oddities" is superb.  You can check KAGE out here: http://kagefow.blogspot.com/

I received my compressor.  Wow.  Reminds me of a story when I used to wear suits for work.  I was poor.  I bought good suits, but let's face it - they were cheap.  One day in a store, my usual sales person suggested I try on a Hickey Freeman suit.  For those of you out there who do not know, let's just say it is expensive and American Presidents wear Hickey Freeman.  Anyway, I was reluctant to try it on stating that in no way could it be that much better.  After my wife made me put it on, let's just say I was wrong.  There is a HUGE difference.  It did not change the fact that I could in no way afford that suit.  The sales person was just setting me up for years down the road when I could afford it (note to self - you STILL cannot afford it!).  But there is a difference.  Now, back to the compressor.  I was optimistic that the ability to regulate the air pressure would help my skills.  As the great Ed McMahon would say "YOU ARE CORRECT SIR!!"  Indeed.  I set the pressure to around 12psi for my dual action airbrush and voila!  Small dots without spidering.  In my euphoria, I went nuts on vehicles.  As you can see from my table list, the British Armor has taken over.  Picture to follow a bit later since my camera skills suck.  So I am sold and a believer.  You must use regulated air pressure!

Since the suggestion of a "dream list" tournament, I have been researching like a banchee.  I am starting to like British Armor a lot.  Amoured Recce - Cromwells and Challengers from Hells Highway!  I also checked out Stalin's Europe - with the Lend Lease 76mm Shermans.  10 for 610 points??!!  I get it that you get the Hen and Chicks rule (move greater than 6", no shooting).  But they are 10!  12 on the AT line, protected ammo and machine guns galore!  Did I mention 10 of them??!!!  I have to think about that a little more.  I forget if the 610 points are CT or CV.

After I get through the British Armor and get my fix of airbrushing, then I will tackle the Brit Paras.  While I want the paint job to be good, I have a feeeling I will be trying anything to shorten the process.  Sorry CdC, but I just can't do the layers.  Your stuff is the BEST I have seen and some day I want to give it a go.  But at my slow pace, it would literally take me 24 months to paint two full companies of paras.  For those of you who are not familiar with his work, you can check him out here: http://cracdeschevaliers.blogspot.com/

I did get a game in last week with my dad visiting.  My highlight was Sherman 76mm ambushing Panthers.  2 out of 3 up in flames.  Awesome.  Too bad my Stewies were decimated earlier in the game due to poor generalmanship (i.e. my brainfart).  The roll of the day:  My partner Rob was trying to pin an assault.  With 8 dice, he scored 5 hits on Vet Germans.  But wait, it gets better.  On Joe's infantry save roll (Keamma on the FoW forum), he rolled all one and twos.  5 hits, 5 infantry stands gone in a flash.  We did not get a picture in time and we chose not to recreate the roll.  Those two rolls outshined Rob's bazooka team that could not roll anything else but a 6.  Tank terror - 6.  To hit - 6.  FP on the bazooka - 6 please!  I think he had two straight assaults where he kept rolling sixes.  I just hope he is on the otherside of the table when the law of averages kick in!

My theory on dice - they can hurt good tactics, but only to a degree.  But they can certainly help poor tactics!  In fact, I think they help poor tactics more than they hurt good tactics.  But you still need to roll like a freak of nature.

Oh, I bought Force on Force from Osprey.  These are the Ambush Alley rules all "gussied up."  Modern 15mm.  Hummm.  Can anyone say Abrams please!!  I am tired of playing with crappy American tanks.  I NEED REVENGE!!!!  My wife rolled her eyes thinking of $$ flying out the window.  This fall I think I will put together some M1A2s and T-55 / T-72 from Iraq.  Quick little game based on a scenario in the rule book.  Could be a good demo game.

Inappropriate Question of the Month:  My dad asking me how much money I have spent on FoW.  All in.  Models, paint, rules, books, templates, storage, weathering pigments, glue, tape measures, dice and markers, washes, airbrush, compressor, files and knives, terrain, buildings, bridges, game mats, scale logs for gun pits, pre-painted entrenchment markers, etc.  Ouch.  I gave him an answer, but it was grossly understated.  Yet still a big number.  I comment every week to my LGS owners (still can't say enough about The Last Square in Madison - check them out!!) that paint is my crack habit.  I always walk out with more paint.  BUT I DO USE IT!!!  Based on comments from friends, my unbuilt list is actually rather small.  So I do make progress on what I buy.  I am still amazed that I have taken to the painting as much as I have.  It does tend to relax me.  If you really want to barf up a lung, ask yourself that same question.

Sorry kids, not college for you.  But have you seen my 15,000 points of Soviets?!?!?!  Or my scale recreation of Kursk??  Ouch indeed.


  1. Thanx for the props. I appreciate it. Always love your comments on my site.

    I'm in the exact same boat you are. I just keep buying more and more and more. My unpainted metal is more then most stores (around here) carry. My spending far exceeds how fast I can paint. I feel I'll never get it all done.

    I'm painting Strelkovy right now, and wow..I'm slow.

    But I look at it this way. I don't smoke, I don't drink...much, and I don't have any other vices.

    Ask your boozer or smoker buddies how much they spend on those "hobbies". I bet it's far more then you spend on FoW...some months.

    But, I seem to be able to justify it to the wife this way. She would much rather me painting and then having beers over a game of FoW, then out gallivanting with my buddies, like some husbands do.

    I'm perfectly happy with FoW as my vice.

  2. Don't get too downheartened by the lack of feedback :) If it's any consolation, it seems that very few people bother to comment. I guess this isn't too unreasonable. Before I started writing a blog I never commentd on anybody's site, ever. Chris and I have struggled with this for a while and then we just opted to forget about it and keep posting as and when we pleased. CErtainly took the pressure off. And gives you more time for painting :)

  3. Yep. Lots of folks will regularly read and never post a comment. Just the way it is perhaps.

    Regulator on ya compressor...yep good move..I would not consider getting one with out it. (Even though I have not used my old airbrush for a long time).

    My spending on the FOW hobby fluctuates up and down. It's down at the mo as I have had a few bills come in. But I have a stock pile of stuff to work on. A gamer asked me to bring my Soviet Infantry for a game yesterday and I started getting them out during the week. By Saturday I suddenly had this massive urge to start painting Soviet infantry again. I have a few in the mancave so I got back on the Sov infantry paint wagon....probably won't be long before I fall off again. ha ha ha