Thursday, May 5, 2011

Compressor arrived!

I have been travelling for work over the last 4 days and while I was away, my compressor arrived.  I am ready to put this badboy to work.  I will try to provide a report in the coming week as to my success with regulated pressure.  I have very high expectations!

The only hurdle is that my father is coming to visit.  Of course that is not a problem at all!  It will just take some time away from painting.  But who knows, he is a history geek and maybe I can convince him to inhale fumes with me.

I also received a note from Joe (Keamma in the FOW forums).  We are getting ready to propose another tournament.  But he has presented an amazing idea:

1750 late war, split 1,250, with two additional forces at 250 each.
Choose your Company HQ and then add a single (one) combat platoon from the same "list."
Then go nuts!!  No other TOE limits.  In fact, you are required to have at least one additional nationality in the list.  You will get additional tournament points if you have 3 or more.  Only rule is that nations that share national rules do not count as separate (for example Commonwealth are all one "nation" in the tournament).

Boy has my head been spinning.  Stuarts, with Panzer IVs, with Russian Strelk, with Typhoons!!  Oh my.

I have started to narrow on Brit armor - Cromwells, with US FSSF as infantry and possibly Soviet 76mm Shermans.  Maybe some Falshimjeager (is that how you spell it?!??!) in support as well.  Then Typhoons or Sturmoviks.  Dare I go with an 88??

Any and all comments welcome!

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