Thursday, May 26, 2011

AAR and Rules Questions

Had a great game last night at The Last Square with Joe (Keamma).  I tried the 11th Armoured PDF list from Battlefront and Joe played SS Fallschirmjaeger from either HH or ABtF.  So it was a good historical matchup.  The interesting part of the 11th PDF is that you get CT and not RV.

1750 LW

My list of Armoured Recce

Command HQ - 2 Cromwells
HQ Support - Cromwell CS

Combat Platoons:
2 Armoured Recce Platoons - 3 Cromwells and 1 Challenger

Support Platoons:
1 Full Platoon of US Paras
2 Guns Sections (8 guns) of Priests, one with base AA MG guns, the other section with .50cal.

4 platoons.  Pretty small, but I am attacker.  Unless we roll Encounter, I am on the table.


Encounter.  Of course it is.

I don't know everything Joe had as it all did not make the table.  But this is what I think he had:

3 platoons FJ
1 platoon Jagpanzer (4)
Some "hero" that allows people to rise from the dead.  Say what?!?!?!  Are they Necrons?!?!?
2 platoon of mortars
1 platoon of recoiless rifle or something
One more platoon that I don't remember, but he had 8 platoons total.

Table had good terrain.  He rolled as "attacker" and chose the table side that was most beneficial to him to "defend".

He placed 3 FJ platoons and the Jagpanzers.

I placed the Paras and one Recce Cromwell platoon.

Game recap:

I rolled to go first.  I tried to digin my paras to defend both objectives.  Failed.  I was timid with the croms, moving around some woods and put a crom to take a long shot at the Jagpanzer.  Miss.

On his trun, Joe tried to digin one FJ platoon on the objective.  Fail.  He moved the other 2 platoons forward towards my defensive zone in the cover to trees.  Jagpnazers shuffled a little, took a shot with no results on the croms.

My next turn, I moved my HQ with the "leaderless platoon of the CS" in double time to quickly bypass the FJ and get to the rear.  Rules questions - see my post on the flames of war forum in the rules section.  While Joe and I agreed that I could do what I did, I am looking for verification.  Took a few shots from the croms and I brewed one.

The next few turns bleed together in my mind.  The net result is that I kill 2 of the Jagpanzers and he kills 2 croms.  My HQ makes it to the objective and Joe has to move the Jagpanzers over to defend.  His FJ moves towards my now dugin and gone to ground paras.

Turn 4:

With his FJ ready to pounce, I roll for reserves and get one platoon.  I then roll for scattered and I get the table edge.  8 Priests, plus 2 observer tanks arrive just in time to machine gun the snot out of the FJs.  I gut one of the platoons.  The other loses just one stand.  The warrior guy gets another stand back from the dead.  Whatever.

On his turn he unpins everyone and assaults.  The gutted platoon actually pulls back to woods, leaving the other FJ platoon to do the dirty work.  They asault the paras.  After about 4 rounds of assaults, my paras are wiped and he has (I think) 4 stands left.  Joe has not received reserves yet.

Turn 5:

Crom HQ and CS contesting and focus fire on one of the two remaining jagpanzers in the woods.  Nothing.  I get my last reserves on the table.  I machine gun the remaining FJ platoons and end up destroying one platoon and the CiC.  I force a morale check on the other and Joe fails the platoon morale - rolled a 2.  His warrior gets to reroll and all he needs is a 2+.  He rolls a 1.  Both FJ platoons are gone.  The third leaves the objective and assaults one of the crom platoons.  He passes tank terror, saves all his infantry saves from defensive fire and proceeds to do nothing on the assault.  I break off.  His 2 Jagpanzers don't do anything against the Croms.

Game ends on time.


Draw 3-2 me.  He wiped my paras and I killed and ran off 2 FJs.


I like the CT option for the company.  Protected ammo and Confident are really nice on unbailing tanks.  I am becoming a fan of the 11th Armoured PDF.

I still need to pick up the pace of play.

I still need to be a bit more agressive on the whole.  I was really aggressive with the HQ, but I should have rushed the Jagpanzers with the other armoured recce platoon.

I never fired the arty, but rather they became MG platforms.  It worked really, really nice.

I love semi indirect fire.  That is how I killed 2 of the Jagpazers.

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