Monday, June 6, 2011

Paintfest Results

Well, cold hard reality hit me in the face.  I had great aspirations for Paintfest, but it didn't quite work out that way.  But I did get some good painting done!

All my British armor has been primed, base coated and panel highlighted.  I even had a spare minute or two to get the wooden handles all painted and stowage boxes painted.  All my American halftracks and Priests got the exact same treatment.  So in a pinch, they could hit the table right now.  The crews of the 17pdrs got primed and a base coat of British Uniform.  Tank crews got the same.  The British paras are a different story.  Due to some "technical" issues, about 60% were basecoated (all were primed).  I was applying the basecoat with my airbrush, but I was constantly getting the mix wrong.  I finally gave up and resorted to a brush.  Wrong!  After four guys, I decided to stop and return later with the brush.  I did get a primer coat on my Ruined British HQ from JR Miniatures and a cottage I picked up a year ago.

My real accomplishment was getting my son's Leman Russ 40k model painted up.  Did the primer, basecoat and higlighting.  I went with a version of American desert armor color.  I still need to paint the details and get a wash put on it.  But I like the way it looks.  I am a little afraid that I went a bit overboard on the highlighting, but my son tells me he likes it as is.

So next on the "to do" list will be getting the basecoat on the Brit paras and then get the vehicles completed.  But with work and great weather, well it might take a bit of time.  Plus our family vacation is coming up!

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