Thursday, April 28, 2011

On a roll

While I was in the Netherlands, I did celebrate my birthday.  Wohoo.  Yeah.  Whatever.

And while I did go a little nuts with my Arnhem purchases, I just couldn't stop there.  I have since ordered from my LGS 2 more M7 Priests (full 6 guns now) and a couple of bottles of primer from Vallejo. Vallejo just released a new line of primers that are precolored to match WW2 armor and are diluted to work in an airbrush.  Perfect for me!  So that order is in place.

I also went out and ordered some half-tracks from a different manufacturer than BF.  So 6 M3 and 3 M2 halftracks are on order.  As an added bonus, it looked like the vendor had a copy of Das Book on hand, so that went in the cart too.

And as they say in late night infomercials, THAT'S NOT ALL!!

And I blame WWPD for this - specifically Brian.

You see, I have been killing myself with why I can't get a nice, thin line with my airbrush.  And while I thought I knew the answer, it took me hearing it on the most recent WWPD podcast to confirm my feeling - air pressure.  You see, my compressor does not have a pressure regulator.  For most of the time, that is not a problem.  But when I want a panel highlight in a very small area, it is really tough to do at 30psi on my airbrush.  When I heard the interview with Brian (and Steve, can we get more Brian!!  As the immortal Christophe Walken said "I have a fever!  And the only prescription is more Brian!"), he said the exact same thing.  Plus it sounds like he has the same brush that I do.  So I need to get the psi down to 10-15.

So a new compressor is on the way.  It is not cheap, but it is not too expensive either.  And it has a moisture trap.  So away I go.

Then, just when I thought it was safe, I saw the new pdf on the site for the 11th Armored Division.  Humm.  Could be interesting.

Oh, back to FoW.  Had a great game with Mike last night.  1750 Midwar - Breakout.  I attacked with 1st Armored and he defended with German Grenadiers.  He is playing in a tourney this weekend and it was a toss up between two lists.  He played me with the questionable list.  And well, it was.  He will be taking his other list.  5-2, over in 3 turns.  Basically, I wiped all the armor off the board, while losing one platoon of Stewies.  Smoke and bull rush was my tactic and it worked well.  Stats were not with my dice in the first turn, had limited air and got nothing, could barely range in arty (when I did I rolled 3 "ones" on the "to hit"), but when I needed the kills, I got them in turns 2 and 3.  After the game, we spent a good 45 minutes reviewing the list he put down and his other one.  Plus we looked over the board and I identified some platoon placement "alternatives."  I will say this, if we played again on the same board, same list and same mission, he would win.  No doubt.  He would not make the same mistake twice.

The next week or so is going to be tough as I have to travel for work.  And I await my compressor!!

But I don't need the airbrush to start on my gazillion paras.

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