Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Update, Workspace and Computer

Had a very quick game on Wednesday.  We continue to practice running the Blind Domination mission published by I-95 and available at in the download section.

We have an upcoming tournament that is running LW 1,350 with 2 Blind Domination missions and 1 Domination mission.  The idea is fast, furious and quick games as these will be played on a Friday afternoon and evening.

Since I played Joe last week, I played Ben - a young player in the area.  Unfortunately, Ben can be easily distracted and that was the issue for the game.

I brought US Armor, including 2 Sherman 75mm (CiC, 2iC), 4 76mm Shermans, 9 Stuarts, Armored Mortars, Armored Recon and ARP.

Ben brought 3 King Tigers and 1 Stug platoon (3 Stugs).

The game was won before it even started.  There was no way that Ben could be everywhere on the map to get the Domination points.  To do so, he would have to isolate his KT and the 76mm would clean them up.

The game went like this:  I deployed.  He killed a few Stuarts and an M8 armored car.  At Turn 6, Domination points went live and I won with 8 pts.  One hour tops.

But the game did provide some good play experience for me and some intelligence around the mission, especially when combined with 1,350 points.  Here are my current thoughts:

1) Big guns are useless in "large" numbers.  One Tiger - good.  3 Tigers - bad.  This mission dictates the need for mobility and good shooting on the move.  So the balance is very important.  Light Tank Company will not win - not enough high AT weapons.  Heavy Tank Company will not win - not enough mobility or enough things that shoot (as Joe learned last week).

2) Recon, while valuable to get on the board turn one, shred too many points.  Yes, zipping to get points on turn one is great!  But they simply cannot hold on to the points for 5 turns.  They go "boom" too easily.

3) Infantry is pointless - in this mission with this number of points.  You have to be able to move and the mission states you cannot move at the double until turn 6.  So the points for the ARP are better put to use on armor - and medium armor at that.

We have a few more weeks to tweak.  But as Joe and I were talking, I think we came upon a great list that one of us will try next week - 31 T-34s out of Fortress Europe.  Comes out to be 11 T-34/85, 10 T-34 and 10 Stuart Lend-Lease.  Yes, Hen and Chicks will hurt.  But 31 tanks or 62 AT 7+ shots is compelling.  Mike is not as favorable on the list and believes his German list would eat them up.  I am willing to see how this would play out - it could be a winner.

I am also working on my work space in the lower level.  My son paints too (40k) and we are looking to make a better environment.  I got a huge bit of support from my wife, so we ended up making a "temporary" space that is actually quite nice.  So nice that it may delay the full "dream" space concept.

Which gets me to the computer -

I was going to post pictures of the space, but I need to destroy my computer.  I went ahead and purchased a new system, which is what I will be soing this weekend.  Once I get the new system up and running, then the pictures will flow (like the spice - obscure reference??).

Yeah, all weekend installing crap.  Fun!!

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