Saturday, October 1, 2011

Arnhem Para Pictures

Here they are - ready for next Saturday!

First, a little background - I went to Arnhem this past Spring with my family.  While there, I picked up a Brit Para Company, a Brit HMG Platoon, a Brit Para Jeep Recon Platoon and, of course, Lt. Col. Frost.  I also picked up some dirt from the shadow of the bridge and within the defensive perimeter (I did the same thing at Pegasus Bridge and Omaha Beach in Normandy.

The bases below are from King & Kerr, as well as Battlefront.  Each base also has a little bit of dirt from Arnhem.  Yes, these boys are Arnhem Paras!!

Here are the three platoons.  I did not include all the PIATs and all the commanders.

These are the King & Kerr Urban Bases.

Close up.

Another from behind.

BTW - The red is more intense in the pictures than on the table.
I will be loading many more pictures in the coming week, since I took a picture of just about everything I own.

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