Sunday, April 10, 2011


I decided to post a few pictures that I took this weekend before I take a break and head on vacation.  Today I built the British Armored Platoon, Typhoons (one with an Armorcast Effect), another Sherman, Horsa glider and a British Airlanding Heavy Anti-Tank Platoon.  I want to have them ready to paint when I get back.

I am trying out a new camera, which made me discover that my lighting stinks.  So you solve one problem, but identify another.  I borrowed a few lights from work, but I need a few more to really pull it off.  I also saw that some of the more subtle painting effects just don't make it onto the camera.

Anyway, here they are:

Artillery command team and staff team.  I tried the "create a map" and this was my first attempt.  Later teams have a better map.

This is a command team from my First Special Services Force (aka Devil's Brigade).  I still need to hit it with one last dullcote layer, but I also need to make sure that left over flock is not on the teams!

One of the FSSF platoons.  I have painted a full company with 3 platoons and an HQ.

Ok.  This is a Sherman Objective marker.  I drilled a hole to make it look like the tank was shot after bogging down in mud.  I need to create some smoke to come out of the hatch.  I used MIG Wet Effects to make the road look muddy.  I also used Matte Medium and chalks to build up the mud.

Top view of my Fire Direction Center.  Maps look a little better.  Sorry for the over exposure.

One of the first tanks I painted.  I used colored pencil to highlight the turret.  From 3', it doesn't look bad, but I have stopped using that technique.

This is one of the Priests that I did and I thought I went way too far with the dried mud / dirt.

My last M10 that I painted.  I still need to finish the crew.  Unfortunately, the panle shading really doesn't show up on the pictures.

So there you go!


  1. I agree. Ya models look great.

  2. Looking good. Nice to see you painting in the maps. I tried doing this with my Soviet arty HQ and failed dismally.

  3. Thanks! Here is how I do the maps:

    1) Go to google maps. I actually went to the St. Lo area in France. Yes, no one will know that the map represents Cobra, but I will. : - )

    2) Screen capture the map.

    3) Bring the map into PowerPoint and simply highlight the roads in another color using the draw tool in PowerPoint.

    4) Print it on normal paper, then using your water & white glue mixture, glue it to the table.

    5) Seal with dullcote.


    Next will be a map on the Observer Sherman tank!

  4. superb work!

    Chris from Model Dads