Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back from Arnhem, err Amsterdam

Just got back from the Netherlands.  I will have a much longer update focused on Arnhem and the great guys I met up with there.  I think I will pass on providing an update on Tulips - this doesn't seem to be the crowd for that.  : - )

A BIG thanks to Tim and the guys at Spelkwartier in Arnhem.  They were fantastic.  Met Wouter and Mark, along with another friend of Tim's.  My daughter spent much of the time playing with Beuf (spelling??) the dog.  The name translates to rascal and he is a wonderful dog!

Tim brought his Arnhem modeled Paras.  They look great!  He was generous in offering me a few supplies that he had left over, since I am going to do the same.  He also walked me down to a store a few doors down that sells modelling supplies.  There I picked up the cobblestone roads and sidewalks that he used on his force.

Here is what I picked up:

British Parachute Company - This company will be modelled as an Arnhem force.  I have another Brit Para Company that will be modelled as a Pegasus Bridge Airlanding Company.

British Para HMG Platoon - Not sure, but I am leaning towards Arnhem for this platoon.

British Airborne Recon Platoon (Jeep) - Definitely Arnhem.  This would have been the forces used to get from the landing zones (8 miles west of Arnhem!!).

British Warrior Lt. Col. John Frost - He was the leader of the group that made it to the bridge.  They rebuilt the bridge recently to look like the original and renamed it the John Frost Bridge.

View from the deck of the bridge

British Para Tin (tokens and dice) - Just had to.

So now the painting must begin!!


  1. Good to here you had a great time.
    To bad i didn't know you were also going to play some FoW games in Arnhem.

  2. I didn't play any games - we just met and I took delivery of my FoW order. Great guys and a great store.