Monday, August 20, 2012

Trying to get back in the blogging groove

So last week, I went back into my business calendar (diary for you Commonwealth types) and realized the following:

I have been on the road each week since July 8th.  Seriously?!?!?!  Between work and play, it has been a rough stretch.  I don't travel as a part of regular business, other than attending various meetings and conferences.  I am not in sales, so this was a stretch "for the records."

And I wondered why I had not posted in a while...

I will be adjusting my painting queue to reflect some changes shortly.  But here is what is on the table right now:

I have 8 Hellcats, 2 M10s, 4 Jacksons, 5 Jumbos, 5 Easy Eights, 5 M4A3 (lates), 6 M8 Armored Cars, 4 M20 Utility vehicles, 2 Oddball Objectives all primed and waiting painting.  Funny thing is that the crews for all of these are basically finished.

4 Towed TD Guns based and awaiting finishing touches.

22 T-34s that need decals.

12 Stewarts that need decals.

A starter box of Bolt Action Brit Paras primed.

Bolt Action (28mm) Cromwell and Sherman primed (except issue with turret on the Sherman).

Patton Warrior and Abrams (two tanks) primed.

And boxes / blisters waiting to be painted including Early War stuff, 8 Brit 25 pdrs, etc.

And with that, I have started to unload some of my stuff...

Yes, I sold one of my Oddball objectives - this one was from Historicon.  I saw that David Vigor sold one of his on eBay for $255!!  Whhhoooaaaatttt??  So with a lot of encouragement from my wife, I posted the only Oddball that was still in the blister and it sold for $128.  Wow.

I then decided to unload some other items in the consignment area of my FLGS.  So I unloaded 12 Halftracks that were primed, basecoated and had the panels shaded.  They were from Command Decision and didn't look right on the table.  I also unloaded my Adepticon bag from Battlefoam - the one you got for being the first 500 to register.  I also unloaded my BF plastic Shermans and a box of Brits Paras.  Yes, I decided that there was no way I would ever paint another Para Company, so off they went.  Hey, I only held on to the box for 18 months!!

And what did I do in return??

Bought more crap.

I decided to buy the US Rifle Company (Winter) and do winter bases.  That meant I purchased the Woodland Scenics snow and paste stuff.  BTW - if you want a really good tutorial on winter basing, check out YouTube and watch the Woodland Scenics Snow 10 minute video.  It is geared towards model railroading, but it will work on bases.  I am going to try it first on my Towed TD platoon to see how they look.

So this weekend I was able to get some priming in and assembled the Bolt Action tanks.  It will be a few more weeks before I get another chance to paint.  That is too bad because I do enjoy just sitting, painting and letting all the pressure of work just melt away.


I hope others are not as crazy as I am with respect to selling crap, then buying more crap.  But I doubt it!!

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