Friday, August 10, 2012

Massive update and a little boring... (nice title!)

Here we are in August and I am very far behind on my updates...

Historicon -

What can I say?  It was a blast.  Those of you who read the WWPD forum know of my "less than stellar" time with Delta Airlines and my luggage.  So I was the "best dressed" for the I-95 Tournament!!

I-95 Warmup:

I was "lucky" and drew Jon Cleaves as my first opponent.  6-1 Jon.  I then went against John Baber / Dirty John from WWPD and took him 5-2.  My last game saw me win 6-1, which put me in the bottom third for the tournament.  Ah yes, if I only had not faced Cleaves...

MW Nats:

By the time the tournament started on Friday, I had my luggage and was ready to go.  Too bad my gaming was not with me.

Game 1:
First round I drew David Vigor.  He brought Strelk horde and the mission was Encounter.  We had a bloody fight that saw me almost run his KV-1s, but the Kommisar stepped in and "motivated" the last tank to hang around.  I shot up his Strelk pretty well, but I learned about the MW Bi-Plane from Hell that the Soviets get.  Rockets on a Bi-Plane?!?!?!  Well, those tore up my Shermans and M10s pretty good.  Although time was called, David was going to get the win the next turn.  So I gave him the 6-1 win.

Total VPs so far: 1

Game 2:
I drew a great newer player in Greg from NY / NJ.  He is studying to be a dentist, after becoming a sceintist and realizing that wasn't his calling.  I asked if he watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to many times as a kid...  Anyway, he brought Staghound horde.  I totaly udnerestimated the list.  We rolled Cauldron and I defended.  I was soooooooo sure I would get this game.  Bad tactics on my part saw my M10 ambush whiff, my Shermans get destroyed by 25pdrs and 6pdrs and my M10s not survive the return fire.  Company Morale check already???  Without Reserves on the board, the answer was yes and I failed.  6-1 to Greg!

Total VPs so far: 2

Game 3:
Played Shawn Morris (The Terrain Guy) in No Retreat.  He was infantry, so we rolled to see who would win the game.  He got to defend, so he won the roll.  This turned out to be closer than I ever imagined it could be, but in the end he got me 5-2.  If I defend, I get him 6-1 ro 5-2.  Oh well.

Total VPs so far: 4

After Day 1, I am literally tied for last!  The only way I can go is up!!

Day 2:

Game 4:
Played Chris in Hasty Assault.  I defended and took him 6-1.  The game was closer and planes again were my nemesis...  He brought StugS, Marders and Grens (I won the roll to defend).

Total VPs so far: 10 (will get a +1 later for each win)

Game 5:
Greg Part 2!  Yes, we played again.  This time it was Surrounded.  It was fun, bloody and brutal.  In the end, I pulled out the 4-3 win...

Total VPs so far: 14 (will get +2 for 2 wins...)

Game 6:
Free-For-All vs. Joe Metz's Grens.  Tigers and Marders.  I got aggressive, lost the Shermans and M10s, then we prepared for a slugfest.  Realizing that this would be bloody and long, we shook on a 4-3 to him and got a beer.

Total VPs: 17 +2 for 19 total.  And after my start, I was happy to get that!  In the end, I placed near the top of the lower third or top of the lower quarter.  But going from tied for last did make me feel better.

What's new:

I did pick up some Bolt Action 28mm WW2 guys.  Played a demo game and had a blast.  So Brit Paras, Cromwell, US Infantry and a Sherman are on the table!

Very happy to get Devil's Charge.  Lists are very strong!

That's about it for now.  Lots of travel for business recently and it will slow down in the next week or so...

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