Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Season!

Of course, here in the States we do not get a two week break from work.  Nope.  But I am taking some time off from work next week and I have big, big plans for painting.

I have 10 Panzer IV, 5 Panzer III, 7 SU-100s, 6 AMX, 6 Ishermans, 6 Magachs, 4 Sho'ts, 2 Super Shermans, 3 Sherman 105mm, 10 T-34/85 for AIW (need to build) and a bunch of Germans too.  My idea is to get everything assembled so that right after Christmas, I can have a day full of painting.  I only hope the compressor does not burn out on the airbrush!

I hope everyone has a great holiday and safe travels to those that are on the road!!

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