Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Current Update - painting and US Masters!

Well, the weather has changed here in Wisconsin.  Snow.  Grey.  Blah...  So that means...

Painting Weather!!

So here is a current status on my painting queue.  Truth be told, I have a bigger problem with stuff that is painted, but not decaled or totally finished.  Unprimed metal or resin is not the problem.  So this is where I stand right now:

I am almost done with my first company of Strelk.  33 stands of Soviet goodness!!  I just have boots and some SMGs to finish up, then on to basing!

I have 12 US arty guns (8 155mm and 4 105mm) that I need to base.  They are painted and on the bases, they just need flocking and grasses applied.

All my Shermans, Stewies and Chaffees are painted up.  The just need decals / a few Chaffees need details painted up.

Roos and LVTs still need decals.  I have 6 Roos that are totally done - I used those this summer at Historicon.  But the rest need decals.

Germans that I received from Wilcox for my son need a little bit of loving attention.

I also traded stuff with Joe for Germans and Crab Shermans.  Those need just a little bit of work.

But right now, my focus is on...

AIW!!  I have a bunch of boxes that I ordered for Christmas sitting in my house.  My lovely wife has not allowed me to open them early and get cracking on painting.  I do have a box of AMXs that I will start up on because they are rewards and not part of the Christmas loot!  Now I will be under the pressure gun here because Joe has scheduled an AIW game day at The Last Square for January 25th.  So one month to get a lot of Israelis, Jordanians and UAR tanks painted and ready for public viewing.

I also have some Soviets (SU-100), Germans (Panzer III, IV, Kubelwagons and Trucks) and a few Americans (Sherman 105s) that will need to be completed too.  I figure if I am going to airbrush, I might as well paint 40+ vehicles at the same time!!

I will get some pictures loaded up as progress is made.

On the tournament scene, I did not attend Fall-In this year.  I am bummed.  But, I was invited to US Masters!!  I was an alternate and several other guys could not make the event this year (Wilcox, Riha, Leland and a few others), so I actually got the invite!!  Wohoo!!


I could not make it.  Yes, I know.  Unfortunately, while work trips can be convenient (see trip to UK and adding a visit to Wilcox) they can also get in the way.  And ultimately, that was the issue here.  I need to be in Salt Lake City, Utah on the Sunday right after Masters.  To change my flights would have cost me a lot of money ($500).  With such short notice, I just could not make that happen.  But I was totally excited about getting the invite in the first place!  I do wish everyone the best of luck and I wish I was able to attend!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


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