Tuesday, May 15, 2012


As the discussion continues to wage regarding the Tank Destroyer Company / Fask Force A, I thought I would share a few thoughts on possible "enhancements" to the rules / forces that might mitigate problem.  The current "nasty" version of the TDC has two M18 platoons, a towed platoon, armored rifles and Patton.  I don't have the specifics right in front of me, but at 1,750 you can get 6 platoons.

In my view, there are three groups of people that are forming when we discuss TDC / TFA.  While I understand some frustration over the rules governing a single platoon (I still remember the look of cornishkeebler's face when I pulled TFA out for the first time in V3), the big issues arise when you have three.

So here are the three groups:

1) Those that think there is a problem with the TDC / TFA.
2) Those that do not think there is a problem with the TDC / TFA.
3) Those advocating more data.

I have no issue at all with whatever group folks fall into.  I have my view and it continues to evolve.  I happen to fall into #1, but I do not believe TDC / TFA is wacked out like the BAR.  So a gentle hand may be all that is needed to "fix" the issue.  If - and that is a BIG IF - Battlefront does something, I hope it is after time / testing and that the changes represent "tweaks."  Some suggestions (most are other folk's thoughts):

1) Remove recon ability
2) Reduce RoF when the ambush pops
3) Do something to make the Sec Section "count"
4) Remove the ability to "suicide" the Sec Section by moving at the double
5) Remove the recon ability from the TDs themselves
6) Do not give the Sec Section a recon move
7) Do not allow the "jumping" of terrain, obstacles, etc. when the TDs pop.  Something like the TDs cannot be closer to an enemy team than the Sec Section...
8) Do not give the "non-TD" teams recon ability (command carbine and bazookas from the towed platoon)
9) Do not allow the lifting of GtG the turn that the TDs pop
10) Force the TDs to be IN terrain or completely out of LoS when they pop
11) The ever-popular increasing of points
12) Do not allow the TDC to take Patton
13) Do nothing - that is always a choice...

It goes without saying that doing all 11 would be nuts.  But if anything is done, it has to be a gentle change because I do think the list is not invincible by any stretch.

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