Sunday, May 27, 2012

Local Tourney Results (my first win!!)

This past Saturday, Mike (cornishkeebler) ran a local tournament for the group.  We wanted to call it the "Wisconsin Championships", as we tried to invite everyone from the state to the tournament.  We did get three great players from LaCrosse to come down and play!  We had a total of 12 players.

Before I get into the details, I did want to thank my three opponents - Rob, John Pickle and Bill "Mad Hungarian".

The tourney was a Mid-War 1,625 with three rounds.  The missions were Fighting Withdrawal, Breakthrough and Free For All.

My list for the tournament:

US Rifles - Confident Trained

HQ - 2 Command Carbine Stands
Platoon 1: US Rifles (with 'zook)
Platoon 2: US Rifles (with 'zook)
Platoon 3: HMG platoon (combat attached to rifles above)
Platoon 4: Tank Destroyers (4 M10s)
Platoon 5: 4 Shermans
Platoon 6: 57mm AT Guns (3) with 2 bazookas
Platoon 7: Arty - 4 105mm Guns

Round 1:

I drew Rob in a Fighting Withdrawal mission.  He ran a FJ list with 2 FJ platoons, a Tiger platoon (Tiger and Panzer III) and a Ferdinand.  We diced off and Rob was attacker.

Here is a picture of the end state -


I put my objective in the back middle, slightly off center to the left.  It is located just between the building and the road.  Rob put his on the left in the field and the right in the field.  Rob pushed forward in the middle with one FJ platoon, the right objective with another FJ platoon.  He ran the Tiger on the far left and the Ferdinand went up the middle.

I deployed the 105 on the far right, a rifle platoon inbetween the rigth and middle objective, another rifle on the left objective that also strattled the middle objective, Shermans and Security Section of the TD in the middle with the AT guns in ambush.

Basically, I was able to get MG shots from the Shermans on the FJ in the middle, I smoked the Ferdinand every turn I could and I sent the TDs to take the Tiger platoon.  On Turn 4, I was able to kill the Ferdinand by concentrating the Shermans, the AT guns to bail and then assaulted with the two bazookas.  The end result was a dead Ferdinand.  The M10s took care of the Tiger and the Panzer escort.  Basically, I pulled the 105s and then the AT guns right after the assault on the Ferdinand.  That left Rob with 2 FJ platoons and there was no way he was going to do anything.  We shook on a 6-1 win for me.

Round 2:
Breakthrough vs. Pickle's German recon list

Here is the end picture -

Basically, Pickle put everything in Reserve that he could.  He put an 88 gun, nebs, Pak 40s and another light AA gun on the board.  His foot soldiers were in Reserves, with Marders.

The short version is that I just couldn't move and dig-in again without getting blasted.  And I could not kill his stuff quick enough.  Bloody battle ensued when his Reserves came on, but I could not break him.  It was really close, but in the end I came up just short for a 3-4 loss.

Round 3:
Free For All vs. Bill's Hungarian Armor

Bill did not have a list for me, but this is what I remember:

HQ - 1iC and 2iC in a light tank I think
Platoon 1: Hungarian Panzer IV
Platoon 2: German Marders
Platoon 3: Hungarian Panzer III
Platoon 4: Hungarian Recon tanks
Platoon 5: Hungarian SP AA Whirblewind or something like it
Ok, I did not get any pictures, but here is a picture of the empty board -

I defended on the bottom edge.  Bill put an objective just to the left of the orchard trees and just to the left of the building in the lower right of the picture.  I put my objective in the large bombed out building in the upper middle and in the far upper left corner.

The game was tight, until Turn 4 or 5 when I was able to wipe 3 platoons off the board at the same time.  I had already killed the SP AA, but then I added the Recon Tank, the Panzer III and the Marders to the kill list.  That caused Bill to roll for Company Morale and he did not make it.  However, had he made it he would have continued to roll.  Even if we got to turn 20, he would have eventually lost.  6-1 to me.

My final score was 19 points, since the tourney added 2 points for a 6-1, 1.5 points for a 5-2 and 1 point for a 4-3.  I went 6-1, 3-4 and 6-1.

However, the players above me ended up in a "draw" (3-1) and Pickle had another 4-3 bloodbath.  That caused me to "submarine" to win!  I was shocked, but two 6-1 wins go a long way.

And that was how I won my very first tournament!


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