Friday, March 2, 2012

TFA Part 2

This list is getting some love lately!  I appreciate the comments on the previous TFA post.  I have spent the last several days reviewing the list, talking tactics and running the numbers.

This list is no longer viable in my opinion.


But also understand this - it will only be viable for about 9 weeks.  Let's just say that when the first Bulge book comes out, a TD Company will be a part of the list.  Vets.  With Vet Armored Rifles in Support.  That is what I am reading on the blogs and hearing through the "grapevine."  So if TFA is nasty today, TD Company will be downright EVIL.  You see, in the TD Company, you will get 8 Hellcats.  But you can add a 3rd platoon- of Jacksons!  They will be trained, but who cares!  AT will either be 13 or 14.

As a US Armored player, this is awesome.  And I sit back, fold my arms behind my head and think about all those times my Shermans were obliterated by Panthers, Tigers, KT, IS-2s - heck - T-34s!  And I crack a smile thinking about 12 TD tanks spawning under 16" away.  With the Jacksons, you don't care if they are front armor shots.

So let's go to "fun with math":

4 TD with AT 13 (I still have trouble believing they will be AT 14) shooting at Vet Panthers (FA 10).  I will even give the Panthers concealment.  (quick side note - RT Panthers are coming!) 8 shots needing 5+ to hit.  Rounding up, 3 hits.  That will come out to be about 1 dead, 1 bailed.  And you usually come up against 3 Panthers.  If they are in the open, 4 hits - 2 dead with maybe a bail.  An American player has NEVER had this as an option.  Seriously, when you saw a German with Panthers and StuGs, you got sick to your stomach.  And what about a KT?  Now you can kill these things!

Yup.  Dead Panthers.  I like the sound of that!

You will see this list at tournaments.  Guaranteed.

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  1. Nice to read you like this list so much.

    The new edition boosts the power of TF A, but it also brings some challenges:
    1) Everybody starts the game GtG - so the first turn is not as decisive as it used to be- on the other hand the option to fire 2* on short range with TD somehow compensates for this.
    2) The Task Force special rule- which basically made you the attacker in every mission on V2, now means you're attacking in defensive battles and fair fights but you're liable to defend against always attacking and tank companies in mobile battles (actually British infantry can attack you in mobile battles!).

    As for the Blood, Guts and Glory - I'm not sure if veteran rating is that great when attacking, sure it's good when defending, but when attacking it usually means that you have only about 3/4 of the firepower of trained lists. I would not scratch out TF A in favor of TD Company just yet. Remember what the cost for veteran TD's is? 420 point !!!! 8 vet Hellcats and 4 trained Sluggers will easily cost over 1200 points.
    Is such a list good against tanks- probably yes.
    How will it fare against fortress companies? Some good ol' Shermans might be more useful, jeeps with 60mm mortar have often more merit in attacking fortified companies then 3" guns.
    Will it need AA protection/air cover or air support.

    I'm curious about what the rules for Abrams will be.

    As a side note as I'm nearing completion in having my TF A fully painted, decaled and based I'm slowly leaning back to play to either assault company (1st Div) or Task Force Sugar (Rangers Brittany). I don't think that these have as much potential as TFA- but even as a underdog "I can do it!".