Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tank Destroyer Company

For those of you who have yet to see the updates at, here is a picture of what I consider to be very, very exciting news:

Yes, now we can see the force diagram that will be available in Blood, Guts and Glory.

I will say that I believe this will be a very popular list.  My first impressions:

1) Every list will have 3 TD platoons, with the Corps support being "Trained."
2) With AT now moved up to 13 on the M10 and M18, that first volley will be completely deadly.
3) The Jackson will be the 3rd TD platoon, trained but with AT 14.  A hit on a Panther results in a 50/50 kill ratio??  wow.
4) Depending on points, you could get Vet ARP as support.  wow again.

and most importantly...

5) IT IS NOT ALWAYS ATTACKS!!!  Think about this.  You are defender.  Put the Security Section in cover.  Let long range crazy shots come in - who cares!  When the enemy closes the range, pop goes the TDs.

And that last point in 5 above is the key - TDs should ALWAYS get an opening salvo / "alpha strike" into an enemy platoon with full RoF.  Everytime.  So for $64,000 and control of the board, name another platoon that can do this in FoW? Anyone??

Exactly my point.

Now multiply by three.  Imagine 12 TDs popping at the same time and concentrating that fire.  Crazy good.

Of course, it all depends on points...  ;-)

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  1. Let's see a 1750 list:
    HQ - CV -probably around 50pts (?)- based on what is actually inside that HQ
    2* CV TD's - 410*2=820
    2* CV TD recon - for their virtue of cheapness - 90*2=180

    This sums up to about 1050 and IMHO will be the backbone of any TD list. All that follows is a question of gaming style:

    Light tank platoon -5 Stuarts, rumor is they are cheaper so probably 200 pts for 5 CT.

    Next I would take a full battery of M2A1 howitzers - for smoke and to dissolve any ideas of concentrating his tanks too much- this is also good as you will need to attack infantry companies. (140 or 185 pts)
    If one wants another TD platoon then the battery will be most likely CT.

    Next points are spent are for the 3rd TD platoon you mentioned (310).
    This is +650 pts.

    So we are at 1700 pts now, so I would probably drop one M5A1 Staurt (that hurts) and take either a weak SP AAA platoon (80pts for CT), or another TD recon section - this should bring the list to 8 platoons and 1750pts.

    When defending you can use 3* TD's on the table (Seek, Strike, Destroy)+ stuarts in ambush, or 1 TD platoon in ambush, 2 (Seek, Strike, Destroy) and arty to breakup enemy formations.

    As for attacking with it I would compare to Task Force A that I play (or should say played - as this list seams better):

    TD Comp rating - 4 platoons CV+4 CT vs TFA - all CT
    Recon move abilities - 5-6 platoons (3*TD's+2-3*recon), vs TFA 5 platoons (2TD's+2recon+Stuarts)
    TD Comp. - 12*76mm guns vs TFA 8*76mm + 3-4*75mm (on shermans)
    Artillery tubes - 4*105mm vs. TFA 3*armored 105mm

    Other - TFA has AOP and ARP as a bonus.
    So the above TD list has better survivability, can infiltrate just as easily, and has more and better AT firepower. It lack's the knock-out punch of the TFA, because it misses the ARP platoon, but even that can be remedied by changing the light tank platoon for ARP (if the company HQ is cheaper then assumed this should not be a great problem).