Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Summary of V3 Changes from WWPD Podcast

As I stated, I took notes. Here they are:

1) Transports - noted improvements to transports and ability to move troops while under fire. No details.

2) Mortars - all mortars will get direct fire.

3) HBG - while nothing super specific, he did mention 105s and larger getting HBG by default.

4) "In Name Only" - did clarify that the rule targets reserves. Mech gets 2 fully armored platoons on the table, infantry 1 and fortified lists get zero.

5) Wheeled - movement for wheeled units across open terrain has been moved to 12".

6) Terrain - clarification to terrain with example given "corn is like trees". No details.

7) Hit Allocation - changes to turret facing rule. If you hit side armor and turret is facing the shot, there is a chance the hit will go against front armor. No specific details, but inference is that there is another roll.

8) MG Infantry Teams - RoF 2 when pinned down.

9) Flamethrowers - FP needed to bail armor, cannot destroy.

10) Gun Saves - If gun is GtG, gun gets infantry save.

11) Assaults - significant changes to the rules. Thought / theme was to "get rid of gotchas." Who shoots in DF and who participates in the assault will be determined by "bubbles". No details on the range of the bubbles. He did mention if an armored platoon gets 2 "effective" hits (bail or destroyed), the assault is stopped. Also mentioned that a gun team that survives the first round and is base to base can fire again (at side armor) in the counter assault.

12) Planes - targets in the open are auto-range in. Targets in cover give the plane a single range in attempt.

13) Missions - 5 new missions, brings the total to 12. There is also a new random mission generator.

14) Index - Mike was very specific in mentioning the index. He thought it was very detailed.

15) Table of Contents - redone and added a sub section of the ToC at the beginning of each section. He believes it will be much easier to find the rules in the new book.

I think I got it all, but feel free to add!

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