Friday, January 27, 2012

Awaiting V3

Like everyone, I would say I am simply waiting for the new rules to hit the stores.  There have been many "rumors", as well as facts (see WWPD podcast) that have been out there.

And now we have the WI292 volume that has hit the stores.  I do not subscribe to Wargames Illustrated, but a friendly blog has posted some pictures:

You can get a feel for the new diagrams and pictures.

The problem for the last few weeks and the coming few weeks is that my army lists are in limbo - at least until I see what the rules are going to do.  For example, do I bring planes?  AA?  What has changed with assaults?  Mounted assaults?  Will the Americans get anything for their assaults?

Had a good game with Mike on Wednesday.  We both brought our current thoughts for LW Nats and had a go.  I rolled up Cauldron for the second week in a row.  I really do not like that mission.  So he has a Grossdeutschland build and I brought my 2nd Armored ARP list.  I lost 2-5 and it all went bad from the beginning with poor deployment.  In my zeal to attack, I tend to forget that the defender gets first turn in Cauldron.  I also totally messed up the Tank Destroyer rules and even the basics of the "to hit".  Regardless, we had a couple of assaults that were interesting to run through.

I have my 2 ARP fully finished and ready to go - including the shoulder patches.  I have started work on the details for the LW Stuarts and the Shermans.  I am about ready to prime the T-34s, but I am still waiting on the last box.  I should take a picture of my table because I literally have over 50 tanks sitting there.  Yes, that is a sick amount of models and money.  But with 25 of them being Plastic Soldier Company, it really isn't that bad!  (note to self - keep trying to believe that!!)

I am off to California next week for business and I am hoping to get my hands on the V3 rules before the flights - but I really doubt it.

So until then, I will keep playing around on Army Builder!!

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