Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not much of an update

I have been lax in getting updates posted.  I have also just been lax!

Last week was lost because I had knee surgery.  That meant I did not play on Wednesday, but I did hang out for about an hour watching Joe and Mike go at it.  Thursday was surgery (went fine), which also meant I missed Joe's Tanksgiving tournament at The Last Square.  I was really bummed that I was going to miss it after reading Joe's write up on the tournament.  Seemed like it would be fun.  After reading the AAR, it was!

And congrats to Joe / Keamma for the win!

I am trying to move forward with some painting.  I have a second Armored Rifle Platoon on the table, with the base coat, tunics, pants, faces and hands completed.  I need to get the helmets and webbing done, then comes the wash and highlights.

I also need to get some 25 pounders painted up before mid-December.  Mike is hosting a tournament for MW and I am bringing out the FV Paras.  I will tweak the list and drop one section of 25 pounders, but add some limited air.  This is due to one game I played in the last MW tourney where my opponent was able to hide behind terrain, move, shoot, then ST back.  Not sure the air will really do much, but the thought of it might be enough to keep my opponent from bunching up too much.  Of course, I need to actually GET the 25 pounders before I can paint (waiting on the shipment).

I have also been helping Gregg out at easyarmy.com.  I am the "rules" box dude right now.

I am also wasting time with Assassin's Creed Revelations.  Skyrim isn't going to be my thing, but this is absolutely my thing.  So my son picked up the game the day before my surgery and let me go at it.  3 days of recovery playing that game was fun, but the lying around part got old.  I am glad to be back and functioning - today was the first day without crutches.  Wohoo!  To further define my "geekness", I curl and will not get back on the ice until January - yes KAGE, Americans curl too!

No games this week with Wendesday being right before Thanksgiving.  We decided to not play and let Bev / Karl close early if they want.

I am also thinking about getting back to the topic which was one of my first posts - math / statistics.  There is a bit of dicussion on the FoW forum (General Discussion - the thread about the Master's) that is interesting - just ignore the BS going on about American arrogance.  There is some really good intelligence you can glean regarding lists and probabilities.  I encourage folks to read some of the posts.  What I might do is steal from KAGE (Rules Nazi - oh, btw totally disagree with the arty discussion, but that is for another day) and make a section on "Flames of Math" or "Flames of Statistics."  Sounds dull, boring and a lot of work.  But it is right up my alley.

And with that, Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.  Yes, another thing the Canadians have right - celebrate Thanksgiving when the harvest ACTUALLY happened.  There, +2 for Canada!  For those of you travelling - safe travels!

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