Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ahh, painting weather!

Here in Wisconsin (USA for those outside 'Murica), the weather is turning to winter much earlier than normal.  How do I know?  Check this out...  my Bernese Mountain Dog loving the weather!


So that means painting is in the works.  As is me actually writing a post!

I am hammering out the AQMF infantry, tanks and tripods.  I would like to get them table ready by next weekend, which is Thanksgiving in the States.  My dad will be in town and I would love to be able to push some toys with him.  And my son will be back from college, so he can join the fun as well.

With the imminent release of Fate of a Nation II, I am certain that my Arab and Israelis will get some attention.  Add to those, the Panzers and other Germans and I am now swimming in stuff that needs to get painted!

On the tournament scene, I finished the year ranked #4 in the USA.  I guess that means I have to change my blog title from a beginner to someone that is experienced.  Nah...  too much work.

That meant I received an invitation to the US Masters and for the second year in a row, I had to decline.  Work keeps getting in the way of my hobby!  That also meant I missed Fall-In this year too.

But I was able to get a few games in against Mike Jacobs to get him ready for Masters.  But what is amazing is that since July, I have only played 3 games of FoW.  Ouch.

But now the weather is turning and I can focus on painting and playing!

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