Monday, May 20, 2013

Tournament Season Arrives

I have been a big slacker this year.  By this time last year, I had played in several tournaments and had some solid results.  This year?  Nothing.  Nada.  Just haven't been able to make it happen.  I had a golden opportunity to head to Wolfkrieg and was not given the 1iC green light.  Adepticon was EW and I am not a fan.  I was planning on going to Little Wars outside Chicago the following week, but real life got in the way.

So I find myself in the middle on May with zippo tournaments.  But the tide is turning!

This weekend will be the 2nd Annual Cheesehead Champioship Tournament.  Mike came up with this idea last year.  Basically, it is open to any FoW player from Wisconsin.  We had a good turnout for Year 1 and Year 2 looks to be a lot bigger!  It is LW 1,780 and will serve as a good warm up to Historicon.

For all to see, here is my list:

Canadian Infantry (CV)
Market Garden Book

HQ - 1iC and 2iC
Platoon 1 - Full infantry, with Roos plus .50cal
Platoon 2 - Full infantry, with Roos plus .50cal
Platoon 3 - Anti-Tank Platoon of 4 6pdrs plus carriers
Platoon 4 - Canadian Armoured Recce with 2 Sherman V and 2 Fireflies
Platoon 5 - Canadian Armoured Recce with 2 Sherman V and 2 Fireflies
Platoon 6 - Artillery Battery - 4 25pdrs

Solid list.  Not 2 ID solid, but solid enough.  I want to run the Canadians in a tournament and see the results.  Friends have run a list like this (I gave them the idea) to great success on the east coast.  We will see how it works in Cheeseland.

Depending on the way the list plays, I will either bring something like it to Historicon or go back to 2 ID.  We will see...

Here are some progress pictures from the very large painting queue:

Family photo:

Canadian Shermans, Achilles, Crocs, Roos and 2 ID bazooka team.  Now there are three Crocs total, 8 Shermans, a full division of 2 ID and 12 Roos!


  1. Decals really make your Roo pop. Good family pic.

    Interesting list btw, interested to see how it plays. For my own Canadians, I'm leaning more toward Land Mattresses for the pizza box, but I've yet to try it out to make sure it's better than 25pdrs.

  2. I have decals on 7 of my Roos. I am now working on the Shermans and carriers. Once those are in, then I will begin the weathering process.

    I have played the list for many games already. In the first version, I too went with the LMs. They are just too cool to pass up. But the 25pdr brings a bit more to the table. Basically, they can be used to sit right behind some infantry and act as AT guns. The LMs just can't do that for you...